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Lev Manovich @ The Computational Turn (Swansea University)

Cultural Analytics: Annual Report 2010

Chaired by Professor Julian Preece (German)

Cultural Analytics: Annual Report 2010
When we started work on Cultural Analytics in 2008, we established a number of larger goals: (1) being able to better represent the complexity, diversity, variability, and uniqueness of cultural processes and artifacts; (2) create much more inclusive cultural histories and analysis -
ideally taking into account all available cultural objects created in particular cultural area and time period (âart history without namesâ); (3) develop techniques to describe the dimensions of cultural artifacts and cultural processes which until now received little or no attention (such as gradual historical changes over long periods) and/or are difficult to describe using natural languages (such as motion); (4) create visualization techniques and interfaces for exploration of cultural data which operate across multiple scales; (5) from details of structure of a particular individual cultural artifact/processes (such as a single shot in a film) to massive cultural data sets/ flows (such as films made in 20th century). In my talk I will report on our progress in achieving these goals using the examples of our current projects - including Manga project where we are analyzing and visualizing a data set of over 1 million Manga pages.

Filmed at The Computational Turn Workshop held at Swansea University 9th March 2010. More info at

Producer Dr David M. Berry
Audio/Visual sound, color


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